booting up backtrack 3 beta

In preparation for taking the OSCP training from Offensive Security, I have downloaded and begun to try out BackTrack3 beta. Some initial thoughts.

  • Upon booting from the live cd, my system immediately hopped onto the nearest open wireless network. “Hello neighbor, I didn’t know you put this up recently! Thanks for welcoming me right in, don’t mind if I do rummage in your cupboards!” This is a deviation from the stealthy approach BT2 took. I hope BT3 will return to the stealthy approach when it moves from beta.
  • The permanent hard disk install is not yet automated, although there is an option for it. Hopefully this is fixed, since the steps needed are not many or varied at all. Choose destination, copy files, fiddle with lilo, done!
  • Stupid me, I didn’t write down my settings from my local BT2 install before wiping it out and installing BT3, so now simple things like monitor mode and kismet don’t work. Annoying, but should be simple to fix.
  • One BT3 is installed, I see the forums have really fleshed out since last I browsed around, and there are a lot of video and text tutorials and people throwing out ideas and such. The wiki is also working out nicely.

As mentioned, I installed it onto the hard disk of a laptop; the same system that has run BT2 for quite some time. I don’t need a dual boot setup since I’m an actual geek and have spare systems so I don’t have to pretend I use Linux (BackTrack) while really booting into Windows 99% of the time! This wasn’t difficult, but it does take about an hour to complete.

After booting into the livecd, the first thing I did was run fdisk /dev/hda1 to remove my existing partitions, then create new ones. The path names can be found under System->Storage Devices in KDE. I then followed some instructions posted on the forum. There is also a vid (camptasia capture/shockwave) going through the same steps.

Maybe when BT3 goes out of beta I’ll post, for my own future benefit, the actual keystrokes and steps to do an HD install and some intitial configurations to get kismet and injection working, but for now the above links should suffice any of my needs.

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  1. Did you say that you got Kismet working?
    I installed BT 3, and cannot get kismet working to save my life. What did you do. I am pretty much desperate? Thanks in advance

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