linux as main box – part 3: reinstall

I’ve reformatted my new laptop harddrive, installed Windows, carved up the partitions to give Windows roughly 20GB, Ubuntu 30 GB, and the other 50GB for eventualy virtual machines.
I did this because originally Ubuntu just decided to take the whole disk, and I’ve had experience with Windows just not playing nice with Grub if it isn’t loaded first. So now my system is in a moreorless state of completion to move forward again.
This also means I’ve spent a bit more time in Windows again, getting the new install configured up and things back to normal with email and such. Thankfully, since I build systems so much at work and home I’ve learned not to get fancy. Back in the day I worked with such things as WindowBlinds to make my Windows all fancy and neat and pretty and slick. But I quickly realized I don’t want to spend a week redoing all that fancy crap every time I format.
Anyway, now that Windows is situated and my old drive is mounted in a USB enclosure fitted for laptop drives, I am now back into Ubuntu and moving forward with getting things installed and using it for more every day use. Next step this week sometime: get my email ported over from Thunderbird to…Thunderbird! Piece of cake!