hubs, hubs, everywhere, and not a 10/100 to wire

Looked for a 10/100 (0r /1000) ethernet hub lately? I hadn’t either until today. I found it surprisingly difficult to find a hub. Most searches pull up USB hubs, while the rest tend to recommend switches. Great, but I want a hub (or a network tap, but the cost difference is obvious). The only hub I did find in my quick searches today was a $40 job at CompUSA. Forty bucks?! Maybe I’m cheap about certain things, but a 10/100 hub shouldn’t be $40.

3 thoughts on “hubs, hubs, everywhere, and not a 10/100 to wire

  1. What do you expect from CompUSA? I’m happy about the demise of the hub.
    Spanning-tree is good. Hubs break STP.
    You can buy some cheap switches that do port mirroring.
    You can build a tap out of cheap parts.
    Back in the day when we couldn’t afford an Ultra2 from JAVA (formerly known as SUNW), we would go to old electronics stores and warehouses filled with computer junk and buy like 40 IPX’s for 40 bucks. I guess those days are long gone what with eBay, Craigslist, and Sarbanes Oxley.

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