$182 per record is garbage and needs tossed

The newly revived Mogull (and he’s not a zombie!) states that the $187 per lost record number is garbage. He’s right, but let’s throw two more logs in.

1. Try to tell anyone who has had their identity stolen or funds maliciously charged to their credit cards that their record is worth only $187. Even those people who have just seen a few pennies charged and flagged by the credit card company could “suffer” more in the thought of what can now happen. I’ve seen firsthand a few rather scared acquaintences after seeing such a test charge…

2. Let’s say you’re a medium-sized company but you have only a few very large clients. If you have a breach and let’s even just say 2 people, who happen to be your main client executives, decide that breach was damaging and drop your business. This could have devastating effects. Granted, this isn’t a “retail” store, but let’s just forget quoting too many statistics and numbers lest we lose sight of the real issues.