offensive security 101 enrollment

It has gotten to be a very busy couple months and only promises to get busier (coworker just resigned, death in the family, etc). Nonethless, I’ve decided to move forward with getting hooked up with the Offensive Security 101 training offered by the good people behind the BackTrack project. Either that or I wait until it’s convenient to me, but I doubt that will ever happen; never does! My start date may be April 6th, or later if I’m slow on the payment.

If anyone has any experience with the course, feel free to drop me a line. I don’t expect a huge sweeping ton of things, but I do expect to learn more about BackTrack and security assessing using it (I off and on use BT both from livecd and a laptop I’ve installed it to). I fully approve of videos and self-paced training, and look forward to that practical at the end. If this goes well, I’ll likely go ahead with the next course in this series as well, BackTrack to the Max.