warren buffet advice for people

Many, many idealistic years ago I used to collect books of neat things, sayings, zen koans, and various other things to find serenity in life. Always very helpful. I used to keep many of these as a rotating email signature back in the 90s, which I honestly rarely ever enabled on messages.

Also very helpful are good lists of advice from people older and wiser. And I wanted to keep this wonderful, achievable list from Warren Buffet and apply it to all people not just the young:

Advice for the all the young people:

  1. read and write more
  2. stay healthy and fit
  3. networking is about giving
  4. practice public speaking
  5. stay teachable
  6. find a mentor
  7. keep in touch with friends
  8. you are not your job
  9. know when to leave
  10. don’t spend what you don’t have

an oscp journey with a m0nk3h

I see lots of OSCP reviews, and I usually don’t post or point to many since, well, there’s so many and students should start learning to Google early on. But this one by m0nk3h is amazingly detailed and quite useful to check out for anyone hoping to take the OSCP or in the process of it. It goes above and beyond the simple PWK and experiences review, and also include tips and tricks and useful commands in one shot.

In fact, scrolling back in the dude’s history, I like lots of his posts and the formats, good stuff! (And I was curious, like everyone who attempts the OSCP exam, on his background to see how that compares or may impact.) I particularly like the SpectreOps course review, as I’d love to take that some day.