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.: 10 second overview: the terminal23 mixer
1 part noc
1 part soc
1 part sysadmin (or netadmin)
1 part user
1 part curiosity
1 part rant
1 part insecurity
1 part security
1 part me

.: what to expect here?
Expect me to post thoughts about IT and security. I may also talk about tools and processes that I go through such as a server upgrades, software installs, rants, and raves about different technologies. I will also link to other posts and sites both to give my own personal reply and document it for my own personal re-reference in the unknown future. And expect a personal slant on here to most everything since I am not a PR analyst, am not looking for popularity, and not wanting to act as a “howto” site. This site is an outlet for me to post about networking, security, hacking, and running my own systems at home and work. The geek side of a geek.

.: why does this site exist?
First, my personal site was getting inundated with technical jargon and information that made little sense to friends and family. Likewise, technical readers may not care how poignant my drive to work in the morning was or how much I like my car.

Second, I wanted the chance for more community dialogue and feedback with a comment system.

Third, this is here for me to have fun and be an outlet and a resource for me in my travels through life as an IT professional. This helps me organize things as well as my own thoughts in tangible manifestations. Or just cathartic, as it were.

Fourth, I really dislike long-term bookmarks, especially as I utilize more and more systems at home and work. I wanted a central place for all my links of interest and blogs and resources and stuff. Hence the huge list of links on the right pane.