Balancing Private Notes and Public Notes in 2022

Back in the early 2000s I often used my blog to hold notes, links, and things I’d consumed or done or would check deeper into or read or do. Over the years, this activity sort of moved away from being in a blog, and more to my own private notes, or into Pocket (never to be seen again!). I feel like some of this is the result of the growing avalanche of information at our fingertips from 2000 until now.

I’ve gotten to the point where I kinda want some of that stuff cycled out of my private notes, but not always entirely lost. Something I could possibly still search and re-reference, without maintaining my own mini-encyclopedia of topical notes and links and to-do lists. Honestly, sort of the same itch that a diary or journal serves for thoughts and experiences…or other blogs and feeds. And the same sort of thing that will just go away when I do as the domain/hosting expires. (See, that’s the good part of hosted blogs, like blogspot and blogger, right? They’ll stay around?)

So, maybe I should start to empty out a bunch of my private notes into my blog here! I mean, on the other hand, why not? And while not private, it’s not like a bunch of folks will read most anything I put in here. 🙂 I feel like the days of personal blog-popularity are long gone anyway.

I used to also have a personal wiki I hosted, but never really did too much with, that I could resurrect for some things. Or just move that sort of usage over to Github Wiki.

I don’t think I’ll ever use a blog as a “to-do” list, as that is way too suited to a notes app. But, I can at least have a way to trim things off without feeling like I’m forever losing a resource or reference. Thereby maybe regaining control of my “to-do” list! Let some things go, ya know?

Anyway, I’ll see how this goes.

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