back and reaffirming the noc log

After a lengthy break from blogging (3 months), which included a 2 week work trip to DC, a move from one apartment to another one, plus a number of smaller things like Christmas and New Year’s, I am back and everything is up and running like it should be.

Over the past 3 months I have stopped being what I would call frenetic about my research and delving into security. I had been doing lots of reading and scouring of information, and less actual doing. Now that I have amassed a nice book collection on security related things, I am finally actually getting around to reading them for benefit. This includes much more actual “doing” as opposed to bouncing back and forth like a super bouncy ball between new tools and sites and books and articles…

I am also eliminating some of the prohibitive things on this site, such as the “sanitization” for links on the right menu. I’ve removed them all except for the blogs/personal sites. I still don’t want this site frequently visited, mostly because of the comments section, but I really am discouraged from clicking links due to the sanitization. I figure most larger sites don’t much look at referral logs, but I expect bloggers and personal sites do so much more often…hence the decision for the change.

Anyway, hopefully I can actually get down to enhancing myself and using this site much more actively and efficiently again.