starting the offensive security coursework

My mention yesterday of the Offensive Security movie pack didn’t properly do it justice. I said there was a nearly 700 MB .rar file of movies. This unpacked to over 100 shockwave/flash movies for a total of 3.4GB 700 MB. There is also a 400+ page lab .pdf file to be used in conjunction with the movies and the VPN connection to the lab network. This could be a little more work/time than I intended! The pdf and movies also have watermarks quite prominently displayed stating my name, email, ID number, and address. That’s a nice deterrent for distributing the materials, but I might look into stripping that out of the movie files just because it is a bit of a distraction. When focusing on the terminal windows in the movies, it just seems like poorer quality than it is because the watermarks kinda blur into the background, like a dirty lens or poor resolution. I don’t want to give these out to anyone, just clean up the experience. I’ll have to read the docs to see if me even doing that is against any rules I’ve signed.

Update: I obviously can’t read folder sizes properly. The movies are just over 700 MB, not 3.4 GB.