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.: about the author

My name is Michael L. Dickey (aka LonerVamp), and I am an IT and security addict and a geek.

I have worked in IT since 2000, have been an Internet geek since 1994, and a video gamer since I can remember. I am comfortable doing pretty much anything IT related (jack of all trades?) but I have a special passion for security, networking, and solving puzzles. I am experienced with Windows and Linux and someday Mac as well. To drop letters, I do have my OSCP (2017) and CISSP (2008).

If you want any other information, I do maintain my personal website, holdinfinity.com (down for now). I can be reached via email at lonervamp@gmail.com or lonervamp@terminal23.net. My resume (down for now).

.: about the name
As someone who still uses a relatively…juvenile…screenname, I probably owe out some explanation about it. I’ll leave the longer story to my personal site, but suffice to say it was borne out around 1995 as I made the jump from the walled garden of AOL and out into the Internet at large. I kept the last name I used there so my friends could recognize me, and it just kinda stuck. I was, at the time, inspired by Anne Rice novels (the earlier ones, they got less interesting the further I read). As someone who grew into the Internet in the 1990’s, I still have a strong hold on keeping an online screenname presence rather than just relying on my own legal name, and I do prefer pseudo-anonymity to throwing it fully away.
Even now, it’s hard to drop the moniker, and even just this past month I reconnected with an old acquaintance in OverWatch due to my name still being the same as years past. Just about every year or so I get someone saying hi from the past (I used to be bigger in gaming circles). So, I keep using it. The bonus? Other than some weird gambling accounts, I’ve yet to run into any collisions in its use.