the amusing hot room

This tale of The Hot Room was sent over to me by a coworker, and I got a kick out of it today after a rather long day.

This room also served as the central hub for the facility’s wiring and had hundreds of cat5 cable running through countless junction boxes. And, of course, it was a sweltering 98°F thanks to all of the equipment that had become even hotter to the touch.

On the bright side of my week, I have finally gotten an x-box 360.

tcp/ip implementations at risk?

Seems there may be some issues with TCP/IP implementations that leave open the possibility of easy (low traffic) DOS attacks. Unfortunately, I have no further details other than what I’ve read on a ComputerWorld article.

Interestingly, a snippet accompanying the link I received in email cannot be found in the article:

It involves crafting special packets to fill up transaction state tables on the system.

Maybe the person who sent it to me added that, or it got added somewhere along the line. But that certainly alludes to more detail than anything the article gives.