honeybot: honeypot for windows

HoneyBot has been released and is a honeypot app for Windows. This is pretty downright cool, and I need to find a box/place to put this up sometime…link found through Darknet. There’s two systems I’ve wanted to have for sometime: a honeypot to play with people/apps that break in and a firewall/sniffer that just collects traffic and statistics.

One thought on “honeybot: honeypot for windows

  1. Hell yes, I am going to try this out! I been looking for something useful to do with my other computer for a long long time. Now I have found it, Thanks for posting this.
    Im going to install a fresh copy of windows XP and make no updates and install honeybot,
    I also plan to make my XP machine into a small proxy server and allow 10 connections at one time and sniff the packets 😀

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