windows xp firewall gui tool

A GUI for the Windows XP firewall sounds like a wonderful idea…if there weren’t better firewalls out there that I trusted more, like ZoneAlarm or Sygate. Still, might be cool to try out.

One thought on “windows xp firewall gui tool

  1. Nice. The best firewall for windows I ever seen is Injoy firewall
    Before Injoy I tried Kerio, Seageat and a lots more but Injoy is the only that have Deep Packet Inspection. Its incredible the power of this firewall (is similar to ip tables on Linux). I found Injoy Firewall after a lot of time asking in some computer security forums because I have game servers that were attacked with a DOS exploit. No firewall could stop that attack, only Injoy could because its the only that I found that can “read and block” certain kind of packets (in ASCII or HEX) that you define with some rules (you can also use rules in cascade and you can define the rules in ASC II or HEX!).
    The only disvantage of this firewall is that if you want to use all the potential of this soft you need to have some knowledge on security and the user manual is poor, also the personal help of the seller company is not to efficient. I remember that I made some questions and the company that is solding the firewall must ask to the developer because they dont know how it really works…

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