scripted secure runas

Sometimes you need to regularly runas an admin in Windows, but you might not necessarily want to give the user the local or domain admin password or save it in a cleartext file or shortcut or run over to type it in when needed. These are some options for secure ways of performing a runas. I’ve once used CPAU and it worked rather well. I had to give a SQL DBA access to production SQL servers and allow him to access other servers through admin shares via Enterprise Manager. Rather than give him a domain admin account or mess with permissions or store it in cleartext in a file or shortcut where he could look it up if he wanted to, I made a “secure” shortcut using CPAU. Pretty slick, and while it may have holes, it likely will stop any insiders from easily obtaining the credentials. This can be used for lesser instances like a user’s program that might need some admin rights somewhere and not run otherwise.

Thie page has a bunch of choices for situations where runas needs to be secure.