information overload

Information Overload. Kind of hard to admit that I am nearing that point, since I completely love learning things and absorbing knowledge. But the IT, techie, world has been doing that to me lately…really kicking my ass. I want to learn so much, catch up on things over the years that I missed because I wasn’t a packet geek or into coding as a child (yeah, right!). I have an entire different part of this site dedicated to postings and news and links and tidbits of knowledge that I have happened across in the past few years (I keep these separate because, well, it’s just for me). I have a huge list of bookmarks in my web browser that are “pending” things to check out, usually tools, large sites, or long papers that I didn’t have time to fully deal with back when I was made aware of them. I have dozens upon dozens of books that are half-started or not yet read…as if just owning them means I can somehow claim the knowledge locked away.
I don’t have enough hours in my day, enough days in my life, to learn all this stuff like I want to learn it. That’s frustrating beyond belief.
Couple this with my recent soul-searching about my career. I love my career to date and where it is going, but I’ve had some thoughts that maybe specializing a bit more would be beneficial.
Now that I was working on “that other” part of my site that will remain mysteriously locked away, I have realized that my categorizing of information is almost manic at this point. It is still a mess and I’m not happy with having all this knowledge in front of me and just not having the time to get to it. Maybe I should specialize that too?
It kinda makes sense, but while I am happier to do this with my young career, I’ll likely not adopt that quite too soon with my thirst for knowledge…but I certainly need to slow down and instead of blitzing this realm, to sit back, clear off the desk, and focus on a few things at a time and truly enjoy and experience them.