unwanted remote control sites and apps

It really sucks when users think they’re being cute by utilizing remote control services to connect from home to work or work to home PCs. These just are not cool, especially when used without permission. I always forget the sites, though, so this will start my list of sites to blacklist on firewalls/web filters whenever I set any up. These are not wanted in the corporate sphere.

LogMeIn (and secure.logmein.com)
Hamachi – p2p?

Hamachi is a particularly scary thing, but like Skype, it should require a common mediation server to get the two endpoints together, and therein lies a single point of denial on firewalls. Either way, novel idea, and something I’d like to check out on my own. If even the mediation is peer-to-peer, we should be marking the app as a highly bad app, kinda like an irc client…

Foxy Proxy has some excellent tutorials as well as the proxy stuff.