I am really toying with the idea of plunging fully into Linux…while also just testing with my toes again. Hrmm…
I’ve run Linux in the past, from Red Hat version 7 up to SuSE 9.x and various Livecd incarnations. But I’ve never been able to stick with an install for long enough to really immerse myself into it. Red Hat 7 was interrupted due to a need to do some resume/website work back after college when I was unemployed. SuSE was interrupted by my need for gaming…mulitiple times.
But the gap between Linux and Windows, especially the apps in Windows that I rely on a day-to-day or weekly basis, is greatly diminished now, if not gone altogether. The only real gaps would be ease of use of all the years of acquiring apps and programs to do certain tasks, the support for gaming, and the support for wireless.
The years of acquiring apps may be interrupted soon by Windows itself…who knows what Vista will be changing when it finally releases, but it will be a whole new world to learn anyway (although not entirely). The support for gaming has been getting better, but only slowly. Thankfully, having a gaming-only machine is not a bad idea, especially since any Linux that I run will not need beefy specs or expensive machines. And support for wireless has been getting better in leaps and bounds, to the point that some of my Livecds recognize my wireless laptop right from the install, and get online with absolutely no work on my part.
But, I do still game, and I do still have a lot of things on my XP laptop that I just can’t part with quite yet, especially since it’s the only machine that seems to accept any of my old Windows XP keys and licenses (damn Genuine Advantage, in the end, it will end up driving me away from Windows…).
So, one thing I really want to do is make sure I have Linux on a laptop, which does greatly limit my choices on my systems. I think I might give another shot to dual-booting or even just running VMWare Workstation on my laptop and carving out some space for a Linux install. I know my system is that all that robust (512MB RAM), but I think if I go ahead and wipe it off and reinstall Windows XP, it should be cleaned up enough to allow me to run a VM Linux (Ubuntu or SuSE again).
This post started out with me wondering to myself where I should put Linux and work it into my daily life, up to listing my systems and the pros and cons…but I think I already just talked myself through my plan.
This will leave me my gaming system, a possibility for less intensive games on my laptop, and leave me other lesser-speed Windows 2000 laptops for other uses. My other desktop-class systems can then still be whatever, as they are just used in my lab.
First order of business though: clean off the XP laptop, back everything up that I need or want, take inventory of what I need to replace, and start to organize up my tools and tempfolder (a dropbox for all sorts of incoming things that I’ve not played with, tried out, or used enough to file them away to keep or delete).