stream of discovery?

Stream of consciousness amazes me. In addition, the stream by which we discover new experiences is fun too. Take for instance this quick journey.
I like hacking and computers and security. Recently, I found a bunch of movies from the 22nd Chaos Computer Congress lectures from late last year. One lecture was “The Realtime Podcast.” The lecturer basically ran an actual podcast on stage, but the podcast consisted of him lecturing on how to do podcasting, the tools, styles, marketing, etc. His background music was really cool. Thankfully he acknowledged it as DJ L’embrouille. The music is just this really chilled out electronic/ambient mixes. Amazingly, he releases these to the public and can be downloaded. So now I have been listening to about 10GB of his mixes and loving every minute of it. This is awesome stuff to just have playing in the background while doing some computer work.
Now, if this guy had not released this stuff freely, would I have ever heard of him? Doubt it. Would I pay to see him in person? Yup…and that would be money in his pocket due to free Internet distribution. Wake up RIAA.