removed links

Just removing some links. First, Ubertechnica appears to no longer exist. I have long read Xatrix, but ever since they had some legal woes they’ve slowly eased up on updates. Looks like no one is maintaining the site anymore.

Since I have moved on from using SuSE extensively, I no longer need the SuSE Security page. The antiforensics section of Metasploit is looking a bit old, so there is no need to keep it on its own link. I can get there through other means if need be.

I’ve always hoped Erin would finish work on her site, amoebazone, especially the log part, but I guess development has stalled for other pursuits. I do still like the layout and design though, which is one of the real reasons I am making notes when removing sites. This site was here as a reminder of the design as much as wanting to see the completed work. Another largely personal site that predates real blog/journal apps is Thor’s site, Hammer of God. Dunno really why I kept it or even included it, but it no longer will be.

Insidethebeltway seems to have disappeared. I really just don’t read any of the blogs from the RStack white hats. The Lost Olive offered me nothing either, other than an awesome 404 page