google placed as the new centralized pc

Just wanted to again mention that Google Reader is amazingly awesome. It has certainly solved my problems with managing news sites, reading news daily, blogs, and rss feeds.
Google is doing something right with their “web 2.0” apps or pseudo-web 2.0 apps depending on whom you ask. I really appreciate the ability to look at my news sites from any system from any net connection. I think as the world becomes more mobile and people begin to have multiple computers (and devices) both personal and even counting their system at work, the freedom and demand to be able to access things remotely is going to increase dramatically. And it is not enough to push VPN technology and remote control solutions (all those RemoteToMyPCAnywhere sites can go to hell, really). In the end, the most-used apps are going to slowly creep towards being web-delivered just like webmail is. I can access Gmail from anywhere and get the same experience as if I were on my personal machine. I can do the same exact things from my Linux and Windows boxes, just by using a web browser.
Google has a good head-start here by identifying the most-used apps on computers, and attempting to replace them with web-driven alternatives. Email, IM, voip, Office, news (RSS), entertainment, and so on.
It is no longer about being able to roam from computer to computer in a corporate environment and have my own profile and settings and apps available. It is about roaming anywhere in the world and still having everything I need.