movie insider causes revenue loss

We need more technical reports of incidents, damn it! However, it is fun to infer various tidbits based on traditional media reports like this article about a previous manager causing revenue loss in a movie theater chain. The man was able to cause the chain’s e-commerce sites to not process online ticket sales for a period of time.
What I found most interesting is that a wireless adapter was identified as a culprit. This implies that the movie chain had wireless employed. Enough such that this former manager was able to get into it and also access the web servers or other critical infrastructure. This is terrible network design, security, and architecture.
This man was the former director of information technology. Perhaps they didn’t have anyone around after they eliminated his position to ensure that passwords and access were revoked. Maybe they did change it and he just broke in on his own accord, but any time an employee is removed against his or her will, evaluation and action must be taken to ensure they do not retaliate.