linux as main box – part 5: windows strikes back

So, I have a VM of Windows XP running on my Ubuntu laptop now, so that I can do those few things that I need Windows for. Sadly, Windows and the Activation nag don’t seem to be on the same page. No matter how many days I wait, it nags me that I have 30 days of activation left, but I am unable to activate my Windows either manually by inputting the key found on my laptop case. Well, as long as it stays perpetually on 30 days, that is at least tolerable, but I need to research why this happens and if I can fix it or redo the VM creation to alleviate the problem. I remember a popup warning about it when creating the VM, and I may have done something wrong.
Of note, the only thing I do on a daily basis that has not been moved over to Linux is my email from Thunderbird. I guess I could take some time and just move over, but it is all the older email that I need to wade through and catch up on first. I’ll maybe just end up losing all that mailing list email I’ve built up…
Watching HOPE 6 presentations this weekend gave me more excuse to shore up Ubuntu’s media-playing issues, including mp3 support. Very happy with XMMS and MPlayer.