month of no posts

Wow, it looks like I’ve gone an entire month without making a post here. That was certainly a quick month, and I do have a backlog of things and links and tools to look at and post about.

My reasons for the lack of posts is two-fold, really. First, I have been holding back on a lot of stuff since I really want to convert this space into more of a wiki-format. A wiki is much more appropriate for what I am using this site as. I had some issues last month in getting Apache 2 and PHP5 to get along, so I have to check and see if that was resolved.

Second, I’ve moved a lot of my more discussion-style technical posts to my main blog instead of here. I am not sure if that is how I will do it in the future, as all my own non-technical stuff is being diluted by the technical jargon that many of my family and friends know nothing about. Maybe I’ll load it all back here once I get the wiki up, and still have a sort of techie blog/news listing on the front page.

In the meantime, I hope to post some more things here anyway, regardless of the wiki progress.