security denial by lack of action

We have a lot of denial about security in our society right now.
Many people will admit, sometimes after a few thoughts, that breaking into someone’s house is typically not that hard. Watch “It Takes a Thief” on Discovery and you’ll see that the same fundamental issues occur most of the time. But as much as people will grudgingly admit how easy it could be, that is typically just un-thinking lip service. Very few people, inside, admit they can be victimized. Very few people take the time to implement fundamental security measures that greatly impact the risks of a break-in. Something as simple as a security alarm and proper locks on doors. But yet, very few people do these things…and then shed tears and feel violated when they do suffer a break-in. Do we just like to pretend it won’t happen to us? Or do we just not want to spend the money or the effort? Typically, all it takes to break into someone’s house is a little bit of effort and some balls enough to overcome the internal sense of right and wrong.
Identity theft is still very easy to accomplish. But most people, while they will grudgingly admit that it is easy, still make little to no effort to protect themselves.
Security is often something that is talked about, but never truly taken seriously enough to change behaviors until after a security event. I would bet it is unanimous amongst people who have suffered a break-in that they wish they would have had more measures in place, and I bet most have them now.
At any rate, it is interesting that security can be something that sounds good when people talk about it, but they still too often end up doing nothing, and by that lack of action, end up denying that they can be victimized.