linux as main box – part 7

My move to Linux as my main computer system is about 80% done, I think. That figure does not include things that don’t run in Linux, like Ventrilo, some games, and Soulseek (p2p network). But the rest is coming along nicely.
I can now rip new cds using Grip. I have installed XChat for some IRC socializing (I had no idea there was a Windows version of XChat…yeesh). I found that GAIM will support GoogleTalk (Jabber) although it won’t do voice chat. And I’ve shored up some problems with Totem and Mplayer not being able to play some media files like WMV files.
Basically just ironing out lots of little issues and problems this weekend. My external (NTFS) drive still is a bit picky. Sometimes I can write/delete files, but sometimes some files just won’t delete. I’m tempted to just run a backup of the data, format the drive in FAT32, and be done with it. I know I’m not really utilizing the powers of NTFS on it anyway, even in Windows. A thought to toss around…in the meantime, I’m becoming more familiar with mount/umount.