a new resolution to myself

I typically make resolutions on my birthday as that is more meaningful than a new calendar year. But one late resolution I want to make came to me as I was migrating more of my posts over to this site, including a long list of tools that I’ve just never gotten around to looking at. For the past year or more I’ve been sponging up information like there’s no tomorrow, but I’ve been putting things into practice far, far less often than I should. And now that I have some spare systems sitting around, I need to put them to good use. So, I need to start doing and playing and tinkering with things and less just reading about it all. I’ve got the academic side of things down pat, and I realize that. Now I just need to do, make mistakes, screw up, fix it, move on, and overall learn stuff hands-on.

Of course, this has already begun now that I have upgraded my server and I have the infrastructure in place to keep my own notes on the things I try and experience. So I’m well on my way on this front, as long as life sees me still having enough free time to do things! 🙂

One thought on “a new resolution to myself

  1. I’ve made the same resolution the past couple of years, and its been going well. What helped me was having a job that forced me to keep up with that resolution. Good luck! 🙂

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