ccc23 and a new wiki

The Chaos Communication Congress, now in its 23rd year, has always been one of those conferences that gives me goosebumps to think about the innovation, creativity, and genius all packed into one place for a short amount of time. I enjoy watching many of the presentations after the fact as they are quite open about distributing them. They feature some amazing ideas and technologies and tend to be a bit more open about challenging governments than US cons. One of this year’s bigger attractions is RFID tracking. I think it will be interesting to see tracking being brought more and more into our mainstream thinking. Much like the ipod+Nike revelation recently.

Also, DNS should be propogated by now for Mediawiki freaked out last night when I changed the URL and Virtualhost for the site, but a quick reinstall made it happy again. I don’t have much there and it will just be intended as a resource for me to track tools and tutorials, but I have started moving down that road enough to link it up from here.