the year has begun with a sprint

I can’t believe what I’m reading as I catch up on news from the long weekend. There’s a lot of things suddenly being found that I need to look at and/or evaluate. I would have better links, but I can’t browse some sites without being flagged while at work.

VLC Media Player has a bug in even the Windows version. So much for trying to hide from Windows Media Player.

WinZip (not that I necessarily use it, I think I still just use an old cracked version 8 or 9 copy and have been looking at open source alternatives lately) has a bug in it that now has exploit code released.

XSS Vulnerability leads to G-Mail contact list disclosure. Guess it is time to add to the list of things people should do to stay safe: always log out of web sites when you are done using them for your session. This is becoming more and more necessary.

Daylight Savings Time is changing (whoa, boy, a silent and likely more potent “y2k” issue?).

Symantec still has lots of vulnerable installations out there, and they are growing, which is a bit disconcerting.

Update: I forgot about Adobe!