generals in the field

I’m still settling into what I want this blog to be, so please bear with me. I’m also ramping up my studying for the CCNA which I need to make sure I take sooner than later and get it done with, plus all my other smaller projects at home. This weekend we are scheduled to get lots of freezing rain and about 3-7 inches of snow Sunday. Unlike other parts of the country, though, we’re used to it and life moves on just fine and the Internets don’t disappear with the power when some flakes drop!

Turns out Andy ITGuy also has the same Art of War desk calendar that I have and posted some feedback on this entry yesterday:

“Generals in the field must already be acquainted with all the sciences of warfare before they can command their own soldiers and assess battle formations.” Chapter 3: Planning the Attack

It took me an extra day to revisit this topic, but I think this is a difficult place in security management and IT management. It is difficult to know so much about the sciences of our warfare. It seems difficult enough to even brush against all the various topics that need to be dealt with. I’ve worked for managers that couldn’t do my job for the life of them, and they never commanded the trust or respect of the teams they managed. I’ve also worked for managers who could do my job, and they were much more effective in all aspects. But there is still so much to be informed about these days.