Just FYI, I am currently bouncing around IRC on as LonerVamp. I may not be hanging out much of anywhere lately until I figure out how to manage my presence there, but I am around and looking for some home channels to hang out in. I am also looking to run an IRC bouncer/proxy on my server which can keep my presence online and I can then just attach using whatever system I happen to be on at the time. I’m not sure how happy that will be, but I’ll be trying it. It has certainly been a long time since I was an IRC addict (about 6 years since I was a perpetual presence), but it is comforting to be back.

I tried JBouncer which is a java-based IRC bouncer, but I don’t like the user info it appends to my user when someone does a whois on me. I found the place in the code that sets those variables, but I have been unable to re-compile the java (I’ve never coded nor compiled java before). I hope to try out Night-Light before the weekend.

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  1. since you’re a linux guy, you should try these channels:
    #bash – bash scripting. These guys are geniuses
    # – whether it’s Debian, Gentoo, or Redhat
    # – fluxbox is my current wm of choice
    I’m not connected to my linux box right now, so I’m only guessing that there’s a #gentoo and a #redhat channel. I run Debian myself so I’ve never needed to try the others.
    As for keeping my presence on IRC, I have a box setup that I SSH into and run IRSSI (or bitchx, etc) in a SCREEN session that I can detach and reattach to whenever needed. If you need a shell, perhaps allows outbound IRC traffic.
    What admin doesn’t have a linux box setup at home, anyway? How else do you expect to get around the company proxy server? 🙂

  2. oops, those other two channels should be #distro and #wm … substituting “distro” and “wm” for your personal preference.

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