as the spam turns

One neat thing about running one’s own email server is that I get to see all the spam that comes in. After a number of years up, my most-used email addresses are getting about 100 spam messages a day on busy days. Spam used to (as in 2 months ago) come in with names in the subject line. Typically I’m just, yeah right, unless it says Michael or the name of someone I might expect email from. Then I realize just how easy it is less knowledgable users to open spam. Typically I see mostly pharmaceutical picture ads, stock scams, and bootleg software.

The spam moved into chinese characters (wtf?) and in the past week or two I’ve seen a lot of spam sporting current news headlines in the subject line. Not bad, impressive!

My mail server’s spam filters don’t catch everything, altough it tends to catch about 50% and label them as SPAM for my mail filters. I really don’t expect much when I’m using non-SpamAssassin tools that don’t cost anything.