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Reading some stuff on spam and email today got me all inspired to keep a mail project in mind as the year progresses. I’d like to stand up a linux mail server on my home network someday. It’s not like I dislike my windows mail server application, but it’s done. It’s there, and implemented. And, of course, there is still spam getting through. Unless I go with Exchange (overkill, although valuable experience) and some commercial apps to help support it, my best bet it to go with Linux, a mail server, (likely sendmail), and spamassassin. The problem is those latter two are very daunting and quite bearlike in their configurations. I would need some good time to pour over the settings and how to get things working. Thankfully, I do understand SMTP and have done what would amount to first level support on a sendmail server before (bigger issues I would escalate to someone more experienced). Maybe someday I will move towards that route. I could always just leave my current Windows mail server up as backup.

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  1. I’d recommend not going for Sendmail. It’s fun and all, but it really has a steep learning curve. I found Postfix a lot easier (and more secure) to use 😉

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