wardriving experience

Can’t believe I originally missed an article on wardriving! And not a bad one either, considering the ComputerWorld source. The first page is interesting with the setting up of a rather cheap van office. I kinda like that idea, especially considering my car has zero room as it is. I was also enthused about someday getting together some cheap mobile rig (if I got more into wardriving/wireless assessments that is) after watching an episode where the packetsniffers mounted a laptop in their truck. While a front-seat-mounted laptop is borderline illegal (something about a tv or computer screen being visible to the driver), the idea of a mobile wardriving pad is pretty cool. Shag… At any rate, I like a good article with some good technical tips and hardware suggestions. Unlike many ____World articles, it really sounds like this author is definitely speaking from experience. I might have to hunt this guy down when I make it out to Seattle soon.