some goings-on around here: new sites, changes sites, less sites

If you’re not watching the toolswatch feed from Security-Database, you’re missing out on one of the better notification methods for new security tools. I love it!

The folks at nCircle have expanded their blog to more people and this has resulted in lots more posts lately. Good stuff!

It is with much sadness that I am removing a few cherished links from the side. The PacketSniffers were an awesome video cast team from Ohio that posted a series of excellent (albeit more electronics-heavy) video casts back in 2005. Sadly, they have not had any in some time. Seems they have maybe moved on from that endeavor. Also, shortly before LUHRQ was purchased, they started this excellent vidcast called “The Hookup.” This was very promising, but never progressed past 4 episodes. I think there is still room in the security sphere for a short show like that, kinda like hak5 and others, only shorter and more focused.

Unfortunately, a work-related demand to cease blogging about technology has caused Securosis to become more personal and less technical. It’s a shame, too, since the blog was excellent. For some reason, the latest post doesn’t look reflected on the front page…so maybe it is still sorta there. Either way, if it is, I’ll re-add it later. Tenable Security’s blog, while really cool and interesting, is mostly useless to anyone that does not use their commercial product. If I used that product, this blog is a must-read whenever it is updated. Otherwise, I can just learn by reading and possibly gain insight into Nessus, but the useless content (to me) outweighs the good. I’m also removing Jesper Johansson mostly because, well, I don’t read it. And lastly, while I read the updates and the podcast is ok, I really don’t care to read Alan Shimel’s blog daily anymore. This has been building, but mostly just because I’m not an analyst, I’m in the trenches. And reading what an analyst says really doesn’t do me any good at all. Besides, I can follow along on other blogs and get the same effect, or pointed to his occassional excellent posts from elsewhere. I’ll still listen to the podcast now and then, though.