favorable conditions at work…and play

“By ‘strategic advance.’ I mean making the most of favorable conditions and tilting the scales in our favor.” – The Art of War, Chapter 1: On Assessments

Definitely useful to make the most of good situations when dealing with security. If you suddenly get a budget or have a chance to make an incident into a growing experience, do it. Likewise, be ready to make the most of bad conditions. Budgets or internal issues should not stop necessary security from being cobbled together.

The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play.” -Arnold Toynbee

Thankfully, when I am with a company I like, work and play are very blurred. Ahh, the geek lifestyle! This quote can be very easily twisted and might make some people very upset because they value separating work and play, but all of us are different, and it has been my mantra in 2006 and ongoing into this year to enjoy my work so much that it feels like play, since I play what I end up doing at work anyway for now. I just want to enjoy the way I spend 1/3 of my day (which you can extrapolate to being 1/3 of the rest of my working life). I want to thoroughly enjoy my job, company, and team, and I likely won’t be settled until I find that balance.

One thought on “favorable conditions at work…and play

  1. I really dig the Art of War quotes you do. Is that automatic or do you have them on hand to cut and paste manually?
    I agree, if you enjoy work it really isn’t work, and I truly do love my job. Every time I get a bit pissed that something isn’t going right, I remind myself that I’m getting paid to do something I love doing and my company supports me 110%, 90% of the time.
    It also helps when you have a great boss…

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