winter scripting games have begun!

“Thus in war, I have heard tell of a foolish haste, but I have yet to see a case of cleverly dragging on the hostilities. -The Art of War, Chapter 2: On Waging Battle

I take this to mean, do. Don’t wait around and throw sticks at information security. Do things. Get to work. Perform some action.

They have begun! I started in on the Beginner challenges and finished the first two rather quickly. Just for my own benefit (ego) I’ll post my own answers here after the deadlines. If nothing else, it will be just for me to document my own code and dive into PowerShell.

Since I did the two first beginner events, I thought I’d try out the Advanced ones. These are a lot more complicated for me as a beginner, but at least I know the logic and can think through things like how to get from problem A to solution B. Now I just have to look up each little step like getting input into an array, any nuances with variable types (if any) that PowerShell may have, proper syntax for ForEach loops and Switches, and basically working with arrays. I also need to see how it performs with null values or the ends of arrays. Thankfully, the PowerShell syntax so far seems very familiar and standard. I think I might be fine with a couple of the Advanced problems.