winter scripting games: redux

So my time with the winter scripting games is pretty much over. I just have to ask why I scored 0 on one event (I think the email submission may have line-wrapped something weird) and give my thanks and positive feedback to the organizers.

Overall, I exceeded my goals. I wanted to give a best effort towards half the Advanced division and get most of the Beginner division correct. I ended up 95/100 in the Beginner division and 90/100 in the Advanced (assuming my one score gets corrected). And I am proud to say that the two I missed were definitely tricky for someone who first installed PowerShell only days before the start of competition.

I have documented my scripting games answers and some links in my wiki (must…use…wiki…more). Thankfully, it just so happens that we’re looking to script more at work. Only one guy had previously had any experience scripting, so this makes great sense to include me as a second resource and backup. I plan to continue learning more about PowerShell and try to use it as much as possible. I just purchased Payette’s book PowerShell in Action and plan to continue to learn stuff on’s #powershell channel.