minor blog update and spam prevention added

I stayed on the down-low all weekend and didn’t do much to feed the geek; instead sticking to things around and outside my apartment. However, I did upgrade Movable Type from 3.33 to 3.34. I didn’t think this would be a huge improvement, but anything to do with the cgi part of the site loads very significantly faster now. Yay!

I also loaded Akismet (which has nothing to do with wireless tech), based on suggestions, and have started playing with the configuration of it and MT’s built-in spam filtering. I can definitely see the improvement as I have to delete less and less comments every day. And I am pretty adamant about leaving my blog’s comments open to anyone.

Eventually I need to make sure my outbound firewall (host-based on the server) is allowed outbound connections so I get proper blacklists and updates, but I decided to wait. My background in sciences in college always tugs at me in the computer world: set the stage and then change things only one at a time to see the effect on the system.

2 thoughts on “minor blog update and spam prevention added

  1. So you’re not allowing outbound connections to be made from your web server to akismet.com? If so, then the Akismet will not work. :scratches head: At least that’s how it worked for me…

  2. No, I’ll let that traffic out. I think it is already, I just have to check my logs and make sure it is.

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