recon 2006 presentations

In case you missed this, the REcon 2006 presentation videos are available.

REcon is a Reverse Engineering Conference in Montreal. If you’re in that area and consider yourself part of the “in” crowd (or want to be) with reversing, you might want to check this out. Since I’m not exactly a reverser, I can’t attest to their quality. Perhaps the presentations might not be worth it, but the socializing and drinks with other geeks might be worth it.

I’ve watched the presentation by David “h1kari” Hulton on Breaking Wireless… Faster where he talks about FPGA and speeding up the cracking process (dramatically!). Of course, the chips themselves are dramatically costly, hehe. The demos don’t go over quite as smoothly as they could, but still a solid personality and presentation on wireless attacking by the author of coWPAtty.