the amazing ability to post best ofs and top lists on the webs

I’ve been refraining from posting on this since I didn’t think it a big deal, but I’ve seen far too many other sites posting about the “59 Top Influencers in IT Security.”

Absolutely no offense to anyone on that list, but here are a few things wrong:

1) That list is not new, in fact, I found and used that list about 4-6 months ago when looking for more blogs to add to my RSS feeds. It was billed as just someone’s list of security blog links. It has only just now been rebranded as a “top of” list. Amazing what a simple title change can do for how distributed it can become. 🙂

2) Fyodor was mispelled back then as well, and I distinctly recall that.

3) If you read some of the small captions, you’ll wonder if the author even reads the blogs/people they are talking about. I expecially liked Bejtlich’s and Maynor’s entries.

4) Some people are left off that shouldn’t have been, and others were included that kinda make you go, “Hmmm.” Some of the most important names made the list but only as a “here’s the rest” mention.

Anyway, I really didn’t want to post that but it’s been on the top of my head the last couple days, especially since I keep reading entries about it on my favorite sites. No matter what, that list is still a great resource to plunk all those sites and blogs into your favorite RSS tool and keep up with our industry.

One thought on “the amazing ability to post best ofs and top lists on the webs

  1. i know what you mean about that list… i’ve been seeing lots of posts about it too – mostly by people who are on the list
    i don’t mean to belittle what i’m sure is a very flattering situation for those folks but i read security blogs mostly for talk about security, not popularity and personal accomplishments…
    maybe the fact that i have a separate blog for the personal stuff gives me unreasonable expectations for other security blogs, i don’t know, but that list is definitely overrated…
    (and as far as finding more feeds – if i needed that i’d just mine your blogroll)

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