a gaming rig on a budget of $1500

If you’re a sec geek, you’re also likely a gaming geek on some level. And if you do any amount of PC gaming, you’ll likely be building your own systems unless you have extra money to throw at pre-built systems from vendors. And while I’m not in the market to fully upgrade my gaming rig right now, it really helps to casually read up and stay at least somewhat current with what is going on in the PC building gaming market. This article by Corsair is not just a guide to buying bargain gaming parts that still scream performance, but they guys actually go through (with lots of awesome screenshots) overclocking, BIOS settings, benchmarking tools and examples, and even suggestions on different parts. (Personally, I’d swap that frickin’ huge heatsink with a watercooling model.)

In true HardOCP fashion, you can also head to the comments of their news byte on the article and check out some reactions.

On third thought, it wouldn’t hurt to maybe pick up a few parts now and file this guide away…