random notes on 2600, hacking exposed, orinoco atheros

The latest 2600 is out. If you don’t typically buy it or have the money, just sit down at the bookstore and flip through it and read what you want.

I also see one of the books I’ve really wanted in the last year has been released. Hacking Exposed: Wireless is currently available and in an odd green color. Anyone aware why this one is green? I didn’t pick it up long enough to find out why, but I’ll be buying the book regardless.

On the wireless front, I got my latest Orinoco wireless PCMCIA card on Friday and am very pleased with its performance. It is the Atheros chipset (8470-WD) which means it plays very nicely with BackTrack 2 and monitor mode. In fact, it plugs in and works just fine unless I’ve been juggling cards on that laptop and the last config still has a different card (my BackTrack is fully installed locally, so my settings are saved).