aircrack vulnerability allows a more bristly defense

I see there is a vulnerability in aircrack-ng 0.7. While interesting in itself, this strikes an interesting chord.

First, this means that widespread, fairly static distributions such as BackTrack 2 have a lot of users of their Linux livecd that will continue to run vulnerable versions of aircrack-ng. That’s a bit of concern, or should be, for anyone who uses that distro. Granted, the chances of someone attacking their box with this vuln is downright slim, but unless you roll your own BackTrack, do a full local install to update aircrack-ng, or patch aircrack-ng on the fly, you’re kinda stuck with this issue.

Second, I really believe someday I will have enough time on my hands to have a more bristly defense posture on my networks. In this case, I could have not only an IDS on my wireless network, but I could actually regularly send out packets crafted for just this vulnerability. Anyone leveraging aircrack-ng 0.7 (or BackTrack2) against my wireless network might be in for a brief surprise and could give me additional information or warning about maldoers. Rather than just a fence around the grounds, it can be highly electrocuted as well.

With a lot of vulns like this, it might not make sense to send out traffic for it because you never know if people will still be using it, and the chance gets slimmer as time goes on. But BackTrack 2 is pretty static for a lot of users who never change anything and may be using this distro until a major update comes out.