Played briefly with OpenWRT this weekend. I have an extra Linksys WRT54G (v2.2) WAP and I loaded up the appropriate OpenWRT firmware. OpenWRT unexpectedly imported all my previous settings from the Linksys default firmware, so I didn’t really have to do much besides plug in cables.

It should be noted that while Linksys products are administered by the web interface, OpenWRT’s web interface is really only useful to see some status information, set very general settings, and view the list of installed and available packages. Everything else should be done via an SSH connection. Set the login password in the web interface while there. This not only sets the web interface password, but also turns off telnet and enables ssh. Remember that you are essentially SSHing into a Linux box, so you SSH as root (ssh root@ Hopefully through the week I’ll look into playing with this box a bit more.

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  1. (heh) You gotta be careful with OpenWRT. You run the risk of waking up a year later, owning at least a half dozen of the little blue boxes.
    – joat

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