the backlog it taunts me

Man, it is amazing the backlog of things to play with and check out that an IT geek can accumulate. Having not had too much time lately, I’ve gotten a 6 month backlog of about 200 little notes to myself to check this site out or that blog out, check this tool our of that tutorial. Crazy! If I happen to start posting a bunch of stuff here, don’t yell at me. I used to use my blog as my notes place on new tools and things, and sometimes I’d post about something for my own benefit but never really ever get around to playing with it. I hate it, but that’s the way of keeping up with technology!

Scope! I need scope! Perhaps a job change that reduces my scope of responsibility might be helpful? I could just get a job where I create Exchange email accounts all day. 🙂 Yikes!