ubuntu and snort

Snort is another item I want to start working with regularly as well. I know I won’t become a Snort guru quickly, and just like any type of packet-watching role, it just comes with time and experience. This Ubuntu + Snort + Postgre tutorial may be helpful, even though I already have my Ubuntu “server” box upgraded to Feisty Fawn and might swap out Postgre for MySQL instead. Sadly, just last night I noticed my Ubuntu box (which has a decently new 200GB HD that has already developed a loud whine when it spins) may not be faring so well anymore after power outages. I had one this weekend and the console might be stuck on a BIOS or GRUB warning since it is silent on my network. I have to check it out tonight. Hmm…it might be old enough that it still requires something plugged into the keyboard port in order to boot properly… Got this link from Andrew Hay.