those first few years are the hardest

I’m feeling talkative today…makes me wish I had IM or IRC at work! Alas, I get to only post here or comments elsewhere!

I really cannot explain just how valuable a little IT experience is. Six years ago out of college I had to beg to get interviews for IT positions, and even then, a very small percentage would ever get back to me. This made sense and I knew it, for a college grad with no practical experience. In the last few months alone I’ve had calls come in with zero solicitation, which is astounding to me. It is a lot different from the “I’ll take any job, anything!” mentality of 6 years ago to the “I can be picky now and say no if I foresee minor problems” of today. Those first few years are definitely the hardest. Hrm…I’m maybe a little too positive today…better bring it back down!