that’s no moon. it’s a space station.

Alex Hutton just posted a comment to my last post referencing a Star Wars (the best movie ever) quote. You know, I have this list of things to see and/or experience on a daily basis that make life happier. Ya know, kinda like petting a tiny kitten or watching a young puppy waddle around, they just make the soul happy. Here’s my going list with this one new addition at the bottom (yes, some of these might be a little disturbing, I apologize, but they make me laugh):

– violent pelvic thrusts into the air (think: don’t fuck with the jesus” from the big lebowski)
– dry heaves (from someone else, and not to be confused with actual puking; think an overweight linebacker who has run way too many sprints…)
– uncontrollable writhing on the ground (although NOT induced by a medical condition, that’s just mean)
– any quote from Star Wars (or Monty Python can substitute)

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One thought on “that’s no moon. it’s a space station.

  1. My favorite quote from SW?
    “2 meters, that’s impossible!”
    We use that all the time around here to describe difficult to accomplish tasks that, nonetheless, must be attempted anyway.

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