on not being you

So, we have an intarweb that lets us post all sorts of zany things all over the place, from a ratty MySpace page to a litany of comments on news clippings and blogs and forums.

I know Dan Morrill talks now and then about making sure an employer Googles prospective employees. But what if someone has been posting using your name in various places? For instance, I make little to no effort to mask my online moniker, LonerVamp. But what if someone started using that name maliciously and posting hate and other garbage around that eventually gets indexed?

One thought on “on not being you

  1. Loner, good point and well taken, worthy of a blog entry. I think that is where HR or human resources or whomever is doing the searching needs to stop for a moment and weigh the material in front of them. It should be an educated decision. Well, one would hope it would work that way. Dan

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